4:30 PM

Am having a "poor, poor, pitiful me" day. So please excuse me.
I am so sick of my life right now I could just SCREAM. I wish I could say that my life has gotten better, but just when I think things are looking up, life again smacks me right between the eyes, and I am just fed up with it all.

I am not getting anywhere with my writing; I think I write just so you can feel sorry for me. Maybe so, but I see nothing happening, and I wonder if all this writing is worth it or just a waste of my time. It doesn't help seeing all the author-bashing that is going on around here; I don't NEED to see this, and I don't know what I would do if it happened to me. So maybe it's just best that I leave for a while because it sure isn't helping my mood any. I am wondering if my posting here is nothing but a big waste of my time because I see nothing happening!

So forgive me if I dump my troubles on you. I am just sick and tired of my life right now, and I wouldn't even care if I lived or died. That's how bad I feel, and with the holidays approaching, I dread each day now more than ever!