1:09 AM

My name is Muhammad Khairul, simply call me K or buya. was born with Malay-latin ethnicity in Manhattan,NY. I’m who I am. Like it or not. I accept it. Can you? I’m not straight-laced, and I don’t fit in a box. I’m not a perfect match for any stereotype you may hold. Try as you might, I just won’t fit. I’m pierced and tattooed.

I wear jewelry when I want to and leave it off when I don’t. I smile just because, and laugh to make you wonder. i laughed a lot. I ate a lot. I sleep a lot and talked a lot too. I’m definitely vain, cocky, snob and arrogant. Shaped and molded into the chaos, that is me. I’m coherent, but hard to understand. Stable, and yet off the wall. I laugh. I cry. I smile. I scream. I feel pain. I feel joy. I am unique, but not that different. I have a good head on my shoulders, but you may not understand my logic. I ask questions for curiosity and try not to fear the answers. I keep learning, trying new things, living life instead of just surviving. I love and am loved. I'll be damned if I let someone put me down other than myself.
I've been through hell and back. I spill shit, trip and embarrass myself. I can't just flutter my eyes and get whatever the hell I want. My life is messed up, I've been through way more than you see on t.v. Nobody's perfect. I've been lied to, cheated on, and had my heart stolen. I've fucked up, been fucked up, and fucked people up.

But every hit was worth it because I felt it. I knew it was real. Life is real. and I'm living it wrong everyday. I'm fucking up royally, and I do everything in reverse. But, will I regret one single thing? Never. Because at one point, what I did was what I wanted and I got my satisfaction from it. My life is mine and no bitches or immature people can fuck up for me anymore. I'm the real deal and I'd love to see you try and fucking break me.