4:15 PM

Quick kid quick, so harsh and cynical
Touches stricken, cold and clinical
What a transformation to behold
But I don't like this new, I want the old

I’d give it all up but I’m takin’ back my love
I’m takin’ back my love, I’m takin’ back my love
I’ve given you too much but I’m takin’ back my love
I’m takin’ back my love, my love, my love, my love

im not

4:43 PM

Do you ever know how much I value u and our relationship?

let me give u a hint-

U are one of few people in the world who truly know the real me.
that's because you've shown urself to be someone i can trust with my secrets and feelings
and yes, even my feelings.

U listen to me and accept my unconditionally and always give me the benefit of the doubt.

U've made our relationship a place where I always feel safe.
Knowing I won't be judged, and that means so much

Honestly i don't know what i did to deserve having someone as as u in my life...

And i don't know what i'd do now if u weren't!

you mean the world to me.

1:30 AM

Every one of us. It’s not a very exclusive club.

And here’s another reality check: because we’re all busy, no one really cares about how busy someone else is. One way or another, we all make time for what’s important to us.

In a group project, a person who freaks out about being busy will stall, defer, and generally keep everyone else waiting on them. They use busyness as an excuse for poor performance. Sometimes it’s faster to put this person in a room by themselves and let them whine while you do their job for them.

A person in control of being busy will keep the project moving forward at all costs. They like deadlines, direct communication, and tough assignments. That’s the kind of person you want on your team. If you’re serving on someone else’s team, that’s the kind of person you should be.

The strategies for dealing with being “so busy” are pretty basic:

1) Be less busy.

2) Stop complaining and enjoy it.